Mission Statement

Newsquest Media Group (Contract Print and Publishing Services) is market led and technology driven, and with all its products – both print and electronic – the company’s aim is always to provide optimum service to its customers


Newsquest Media Group (Contract Print and Publishing Services) recognises that the maintenance of defined quality standards in all aspects of performance is critical to our success. As part of our Total Quality approach we are committed to a Quality Policy, which will assure our customers that our business as a whole achieves a recognised standard of performance.

We will invest as appropriate in both equipment and people to provide our customers with a cost effective solution to their print and publishing requirements.

Newsquest Media Group 
A Gannett Company.
A seven-point Quality Policy, as defined below, underpins this commitment:
  • Customer focus
  • 1

All systems and procedures will be designed to ensure that Customer requirements will be fully understood and satisfied

  • Supplier relationships
  • 2

Supplier Quality Management will be based upon Newsquest’s internal processes and on a partnering approach to obtain defect free Products & Services every time

  • Continuous improvement
  • 3

Achievement of the required Quality Standard is a core responsibility of every employee. Each member of staff is given the opportunity to contribute to the continuous improvement programme

  • Processes and systems
  • 4

Quality Management activities will be planned and based upon minimising risk and eliminating errors

  • Involving People
  • 5

We will develop our employee’s skills and increase their contribution through effective leadership, motivation and training

  • Quality Management System
  • 6

We will comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System as well as continually improving its effectiveness

  • SMART Objectives & measures
  • 7

We will establish and communicate meaningful quality objectives and performance targets (KPI’s) to all staff and drive continuous improvement. (KPI = Key Performance Indicator)

The Quality Manual defines the policies, associated processes and procedures that are used to establish and maintain consistent and uniform control of the Quality Management System.

It is a responsibility of all employees to understand and conform to the requirements of the Company’s Quality Policy and to its systems and procedures.

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